The dangers of de-platforming Donald Trump

Image: Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

Condemnation of the invasion of the U.S. Capitol by followers of President Trump has been swift and widespread. The lives that were lost in that riot and those that were put in danger led social media companies to quickly ban Donald Trump and many of his allies and followers. Twitter…

President Jimmy Carter (The Carter Center / Getty Images)

Of all the past American presidents who are still living, the only one who has looked truly happy and content is Jimmy Carter, now 95 and still building houses with Habitat for Humanity International.

When he was president, Jimmy Carter was cast as weak and ineffective. In 1979 he gave…

I must qualify this — I worked from home a lot voluntarily before we were all forced to work from home a lot. However, occasionally I did go to the downtown office for meetings, lunches with colleagues, or just to get some separation from home. I was very productive on…

Rajeev Thakur

Architect, Urban Planner, Advisor to companies and communities that are looking for each other.

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